Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Unlucky black rhino calf

This wild black rhino calf was found without his mother in a private game reserve. He was in a very bad condition: emanciated, dehydrated, weak, anemic and covered in ticks. His mother probably left him because he was too weak to follow her. Without the protection of his mother and without any treatments he would for sure die within a few days. The prognosis of wild animals in such bad condition is always poorly, but of course everything was tried to try to safe the life of this wonderful animal. He was darted and all possible treatments to improve his condition were administred: IV fluids, antibiotics, anti-inflammation, anti-parasite and anti-tick treatments, painkillers and multi-vitamins. He also got a long-acting tranquilliser to reduce the stress in this completely wild and undoubtly traumatised baby.
The next day he was a little bit better, but still very weak. We repeated the treatment: IV fluids, antibiotics and painkilling. It's absolutely unforgetable how he reacted to Peters voice, copying an adult rhino calling for her baby: he was talking back! He also walked around, took a bath and ate some branches. The goat was a wonderful companion and even started to eat the ticks from the thick rhino skin. Unfortunately all treatments didn't help. His condition was too bad: very sadly the little rhino passed away the next night...

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