Tuesday, March 2, 2010

More elephants pics

There we go...more pics of elephants in the Kruger. More to come later!

Before and after

Before: After 2 months: Yes, really the same animal!

Monday morning in the office

Last Monday morning I realised again how lucky I am: started with darting a roan bull on horseback in the nice sunshine with Elmund and Carlos, 2 fantastic and always happy guys. Weired to think of my friends in the Netherland, The UK and the Isle of Man, waking up on the cold rainy day. Come visit: would be great! The bull was loosing weight and I treated him with many different drugs to try to cover all possible diseases and many vitamins to boost his immune-system. I found many worm eggs in his feces, so that may have been the problem. He is much better now, so one of the treatments must have worked.

Home sweet home

Just moved into a new house within the reserve and never imagined ever to live like this. In the middle of the bush, surrounded by many wild animal species with the best view in the world: a dam with hippos and the sun rise in the mornings. In the evening while having dinner I always hear them singing and this afternoon 3 white rhinos were grazing under my veranda. Absolutely LOVE it!! The little dot on the other side of the dam is my bush house. The little dot on the other side of the dam is my house. The view from my house.