Monday, January 26, 2009

Nice ride through the bush

Riding on the back of a horse through the bush is like a wild dream. Elephants or lions can be around each corner and especially wading through the water is so exciting. It's also 'just' a beautiful ride and a great way to enjoy the bush. Wild animals are not able to distinguish seperate objects and on the back of a horse we smell as horses. For them we are just 'horses with a weired lump on their back', instead of the most dangerous animal on this planet, walking straight on 2 legs: a human!! This makes it possible to observe wild animals more natural and more relaxed on a horseback. The trust each horse has in its rider is amazing: they are cool. They all got a long and intensive training to be able to take tourists into the bush, similar to the training police horses get. The biggest task for a horse is to stay still when dangerous animals like lions, elephants or buffalos are close by. Quite the opposite of their natural instinct: run!

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