Saturday, August 28, 2010

Capturing and translocating 24 rhinos in 5 days!

Had one of the best weeks in my life. To be responsible for the capture of 24 white rhinos was an absolute dream. The more I learn about rhinos, the more and more I LOVE them. It's incredible that we are able to catch, transport and release such a huge and powerful animal. Especially white rhinos have such a gentle, sensitive nature, it's magic! Very fortunate to be able to work so closely with them. No words for it. The horrendous rhino poaching by a professional gang (182 rhinos poached in 2010!) must STOP NOW! How can people leave these innocent, precious, amazing animals wandering around without horn, but still alive? Sickening! Humanity is seriously ill: greed, greed, greed. Why don't people see that being RICH has nothing to do with money? Love (for the planet, all living beings and in all actions) is the only true value in human excistence. Just think about dying tomorrow? What was truely important? Please also see A project to save the most endangered rhino on the planet with only 50 individuals left. The Kruger Park success story (only 12 rhinos were left and now over 12.000 rhinos are living in the park), shows that it's not too late: this very special little hairy rhino can be saved from extinction! It took the planet billions of years to create all these amazing, fascinating species and it takes humanity only 100 years to get rid of them all. An interesting challenge to turn it around. Together with Obama: I believe WE CAN!