Thursday, August 9, 2012

African buffalos are one of the species I work with most. Because they are identical to domestic cattle, they can get infected with all bovine diseases. African buffalos don't get ill and don't show any symptoms, but once infected they are able to infect domestic cattle, with devastating results for the South African meat and cattle industry. Therefore the movements of buffalos is highly controlled and restricted by the South African government. Each buffalo must get tested several times with a TB skin test and serology (anti-bodies in the blood) for the most common infectious diseases (TB, Corridors disease, Brucella abortus and Foot and Mouth disease), prior to getting a permit to move. By now I have darted over 5.000 buffalos and still love working with these highly intelligent and social herd animals. Never underestimate an African buffalo! To see how clever they are, go see "Battle of Kruger" on YouTube, one of the best nature films ever made by a lucky tourist.  


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