Saturday, July 28, 2012

Childrens fantasy

Aren't giraffes absolutely amazing???  I often tell people that if someone would have written a fantasy childrensbook about all amazing wild animals in this world, if none of them would have existed, this person would be an absolute GENIUS. Who would have invented a giraffe, a weired walking animal with long legs and a long neck to be able to eat the highest leaves and use them for fighting? What about an elephant with a highly specialised extra finger, a trunk and big ears to use for cooling?? A zebra with stripes, possible used for camouflage but maybe for thermoregulation or even tick control? And who would even think of snakes, with all organs exacly the same as us, including lungs, spleen, liver, heart, intestines, but all of them thin and long? Feathered animals with light, air containing bones and their front legs in the shape of wings to be able to fly? Rhinos with horns on their heads to use for defence and cutting of branches? The list of incredible miracles around us is endless! Ever thought how a spider walks? A flea jumps? How do insects breath? And what about oxygen supplying most life forms? Focussing our attention on the immense wonders of LIFE on this planet will change our existence forever. Let's hope that humanity will be able to see, truely see, all the amazing creatures on this planet in reality, now and alive, in their natural habitat. It's fascinating and enriching. We are very fortunate to live in this time and have a huge responsibility towards the future of our planet. Let's wake up!

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