Monday, December 7, 2009

new job!!

Finally back on the internet in the bush! Sorry that it took so long before you heared from me. The bush and technology do not always go together, unfortunately. But okay, will update you quickly, before the connection breaks up again. STARTED A NEW JOB!! This time as the only wildlife vet in a prive wildlife ranch and 8.000 hectares park, being responsible for 160 white rhinos, 22 black rhinos, hundreds of African buffalos, sable and roan antilopes is this an absolute dream come through! This South African wildlife ranch is just 12 km south of Kruger National Park and only 45minutes drive from the Mozambican border. In the last 2 months I darted, treated, tested over 500 wild animals so having loads of interesting, funny or weired stories to tell. Hope I will be able to share these stories with you, as I have been long enough in civilization (I Amsterdam!) to understand that these bush stories of a wildlife vet in Africa are not quite ordinary for most of you. I will also try to download as many pictures of wild animals and of course the wildlife work as possible with this slow connection... Please contact me any time for comments or questions: always good to hearing from you! Love, Martine

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